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Favour Obukohwo

Favour Obukohwo


Something Big has arrived! We present you with the opportunity to learn how you can make over 500k with this mobile apps development training coming up in the month of August 2022.

Why you need this program is not far-fetched. Everyone needs to build this new skill for passive income stemming from the fact that Nigeria’s currency lost its value. With the consistent increase in the dollar rate, The price of things keeps increasing every waking day, the struggle never ends.

With the ongoing circumstances, are you honestly willing to stay jobless? or you’re just okay getting by with the 50k-70k salary you earn by the end of the month? Or you’re saying enough that it’s time for something bigger and better?

According to research, the earnings of mobile app developers in Nigeria are over 500k per month, while the average amount is 330k

Furthermore, big companies like flutter wave and Paystack are swimming in millions from mobile app development, so why don’t you join us in this training program and become your big man?

Aside from the most compelling fact that it is a gateway to increasing your passive income, here are a few crucial reasons to learn how you can make over 500k this month in mobile app development.

1. A Training Program For Something New

something new


Becoming tech-savvy is always exciting, and this mobile apps development training coming up this month is a platform for you to learn something new and different from what you’ve always known. You’re developing an in-demand technological skill you can use anywhere in the world. 

Also, not only are you satisfying your curiosity with how these apps (WhatsAppSnapchatXender, and so on) you regularly use are created, but you’re also graduating from simply being a user to a developer. With your new skills, you become more productive on both IOS and Android phones. You can create fun gadgets like your fashion or calendar app for your benefit while making money. 

Join us in this training and become tech-savvy while making over 500k monthly.

2. A Training Program For The Opportunity To Work Remote And Flexible

A mobile Apps Development Training To Work Remote


Some companies specializing in this mobile app development might demand full office work participation, but most mobile app developers work remotely. Honestly, the fact that this training program gives you an avenue to work flexibly in the comfort of your home is more than a blessing.

It will also help you work at your own pace. There won’t be any pressure on you to finish a task at a particular time frame long as you know your skill and can finish your project. All you might even need is a comfortable working space and an abundance of free wifi to start earning.

Through this Mobile apps development training Program, not only will companies be in demand for your skills, but your earnings also triple. 

3. A Training Program To Guarantee Your High Demand 

Mobile Apps Development Training For High DemandIf you’re worried about the job security of mobile app development, then you’re in luck. 

It is one of the highest-demand jobs for tech companies. The best part is that most of these firms might not require a university degree (BSC) as long as you know how to code and have the skills. This mobile App development training program coming up this month guarantees you the skills to be in the league of highly demanded developers.

At the end of the day, you’re the one making a choice on which company, and you can demand a start-up pay raise from (0ver 500k to probably over 700k).

4. A Training Programme For Career Versatility

VMobile apps development training for versatility


This Mobile apps development training program coming up this month enables your career versatility. With your new and previous skills, you can choose any career path to follow or you can even choose both and make one of them remote. 

It will help you easily choose to migrate from your previous company as a customer care agent or accountant to a tech company as a developer. Better still, become a freelancer and become your boss. Whichever path you take, your 500k plus is a certainty.

5. Mobile Apps Development Training Is Fun And Fulfilling

Fun and Fulfilling


Creativity is art. This training program coming up this month allows you to upgrade your capacity to think outside the box and create your ideas from scratch. From simple coding, you design something beautiful that makes you stand out

In addition, it allows the chance for you to start adding value. With your expert skills, you can develop mobile apps that can go global. What’s more fulfilling than knowing that people are benefitting from your creativity? What remains the best part is that you keep making over 500k on a monthly bases.

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind once again that the naira has lost its value. The only way to live in this ongoing inflation and remain undisturbed is to make Passive income.

Corpus Business development academy has presented this opportunity for you to learn mobile App development with a discount charge of 35k for early birds and 50k at the venue. Register now before it’s too late. 

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